Frankfurt am Main ––––– Oct, 27th 2007

Crysis Modding Portal launch!

CRYMOD MODDING PORTAL - Modding for FarCry started more than four years ago with a portal made for the fans out there who started to get used to the Sandbox Editor and its respective mod tools. Back then no one at Crytek could imagine that this portal will become the #1 meeting place for the world-wide CryENGINE modding community.
Over the past few years the whole community has gained a lot of professionalism and became bigger and bigger. The community releases reached from small assets and test levels in the beginning to outstanding pieces of art no one will ever forget, for example mods and Total Conversions like Obsidian Edge, the Matto series, Tuesday & Ark and Ultraball.

We at Crytek are very happy that you guys accepted this portal and helped it grow and improve over the last few years.

With our new and interactive headline we would like to introduce you to our brand new Crysis Modding Portal. We completely overhauled to prepare it for our upcoming FPS blockbuster Crysis and its respective modding community.

New and exciting features are just waiting to be explored by you, but to mention the most important ones here is a small overview:
  • Global Mod Database
    Create and manage your own Crysis Mod Team and Crysis Mods in the largest CryENGINE2 mod database. Read the F.A.Q. here.
  • Tutorial Section
    Find the latest available tutorials there; Create your own tutorial, upload it and distribute it to the community.
  • New forum structure
    For a better navigation we have heavily re-worked the forum structure.
  • Website Re-design
    To fit into the Crysis and Crytek universe we have completely re-designed the portal with a fresh and unique style. 4 different color themes available
    Crystal, Green, Yellow and Red – find your favourite!
  • Two Portals – one User Database
    Both the Crysis and FarCry portals are completely separated from each other, but share the same user and mod team database. So no re-registering for all FC modders is necessary.
In addition to the new functionalities we would like to provide you with a whole bunch of tutorials in regards to the Crysis Singleplayer Demo release that includes the Sandbox2 Editor. The tutorials cover the basic questions how to use the Editor and how to start creating a map. You can find them all here on

They are worth to be read and in the case you struggle on some points feel free to visit our forums on We have a dedicated support team and some Crytek developers to help out and answer your questions to their best knowledge.

For those who still would like to visit the FarCry Modding Portal we provide a sub domain ( that links to the page. In addition to that we will continue supporting the FarCry Modding Community for quite a while.

Everyone here at Crytek is already looking forward to seeing what great ideas and mods you are able to realize in our new CryENGINE™ 2.

Your Crytek & Crymod Teams

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