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Work at Crytek

Our dedication to innovation begins with our employees.

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Frankfurt is Crytek’s HQ and the home base for the CRYENGINE and Hunt teams. Located in a bright, open office in Frankfurt’s east end, the Frankfurt studio has a team of 250+ people from 35 countries.




The Istanbul studio serves with a multi-national and growing team located in the most-known plaza in İstanbul's business center Şişli with a great Bosphorus view, that is also ideally located for variable public transportation ways such as metro, metrobus and bus lines.




The Kiev studio is focused on game and web development, in their modern, centrally located office.


At Crytek, we aim to push the boundaries of what is considered possible—both in our games and in our technology. That creative vision drives us, and our projects, and we know that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Ideas and feedback are always welcome—at every level.


We know that the way we support and empower our teams will ultimately make or break our games, and we believe that every one of our employees has an impact on the company’s success. We trust that our employees are talented and capable, and that with a sense of purpose, responsibility, and the proper tools and support we can achieve great things together.


Our ultimate goal is to deliver products that make us feel proud to have been there and been a part of it. But once we’ve achieved that, we won’t stop—we want to do it again, and better. So we want to build teams that feel inspired, challenged, and motivated by their work—not only does that make it fun to come to work every morning, it produces truly inspired results.

Everything you need to do great work.

Learning & Development

Take your skill set to the next level by learning from the top talents working at Crytek, attending in-house presentations, and joining frequent workshops.

Health Insurance

We take care of your healthcare needs, from registration to communications.

Public Transport Pass

Use local public transport free of charge 24/7.

Gym Membership

Work-life balance is not just a hollow term for us. Work out, join group fitness classes, or relax in the wellness facilities.

Relocation Support

Extensive assistance with visa, work permits, and communication with authorities and the use of a fully furnished company apartment during your first three months.

Crytek Career Path

Crytek offers a flexible Career Path, acting as a transparent framework for your personal and professional development.

German Classes

Understanding the local culture will make your stay abroad more enjoyable, and Crytek supports that by offering German language courses for you and your family.

Events & Parties

Parties, company breakfasts, team-building activities, and lots of fun.

Current Job Openings

Take a look and see if there is something that fits your skill set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job at Crytek?
Check out our current open positions. When you find something that matches your skill set, simply fill out our online application. Please make sure to include all requested documents so that we can properly process your application.
What language should I use on my application?
All applications must be in English, as English is our official company language. Knowledge of the local language (German, Ukrainian, or Turkish) is a plus but not a must.
What should an application look like?
Please check the online application page for the most up-to-date list of information and paperwork required for your application.
I applied for a job at Crytek. What happens now?
Your application will be evaluated by our specialists to see how well your profile matches the position you have applied for. If we think you might be a good fit for the company, we will contact you directly to begin the interview process. If you don't hear back from us within four weeks then feel free to contact us to check on the status of your application. We will always inform you about our decision, but please note that due to the very high number of applications we receive, we cannot provide detailed feedback to those applicants who are unsuccessful at the first stage of our selection process.
There is no open position for the job I am looking for. Can I send you my resume anyway?
You are welcome to submit an unsolicited application via our career section. There you can find unsolicited roles for each department.
Can I reapply for the same or another position, even if I was rejected for that position previously?
Yes, feel free to reapply.
Can I apply for more than one position simultaneously?
If you wish to apply for more than one position simultaneously, please submit separate applications for each position.
How old do I have to be to get a job or internship at Crytek?
You must be at least 18 years old to work at Crytek.
Where is Crytek located?
Crytek has studios in Frankfurt (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), and Istanbul (Turkey). For more information, check out the studio descriptions near the top of this page.
Does Crytek offer internships?
Yes. Internships at Crytek are between 6 and 12 months. Please check our current job openings to see if any internships are currently available. Please note that we do not offer school internships.
Can I do my university thesis at Crytek?
We offer a limited number of thesis positions. These vacancies depend on our production cycles and generally need to be in the area of software engineering. Previous experience with private- or industry-based projects is also required.
Can I submit my game idea?
Every aspect of Crytek's games is developed internally. Please do not submit your ideas—all creative material will be returned unread.
Will Crytek help me relocate?
Relocation support is part of the package at Crytek. If you are offered a job, we will support you in getting a visa and work permit, as well as with any other paperwork that needs to be done as part of your move.
Where can I find more information about the Crytek Career Path?
We are happy to share more in-depth information about the Career Path including a visual overview during the later stages of the Recruitment process.