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Frankfurt am Main ––––– Feb, 6th 2019

We would like to thank all of our Warface players and fans for so many years of support.

Warface turned six this year, and it has been an incredible journey for all of us – from the first beta-tests to being one of the most popular online shooters of our time. More than 65 million people around the world play Warface, and there are regular esports tournaments and festivals.
None of this would have been possible without the game’s strong and devoted community. The Warface team has always appreciated and carefully considered your feedback, your criticism,and your ideas.

The Kiev studio has evolved over the years alongside the game, and we would like to announce an important strategic and structural change that will have a positive effect on how the development of the Warface franchise will be operated in the future. Warface’s development team, led by the studio’s Creative Director Michael Khaimzon, will be forming its own independent development studio, Blackwood Games. Blackwood will take over all further development of the Warface franchise, including all previously announced updates.

“The Warface development team has always inspired us. To go independent so as to enable a closer partnership with the game’s publisher is a strategic move, and as we all agree, it is in the game’s best interests. At the same time, this reorganization will allow us to focus on our own core IPs and long-term plans,” said Crytek’s CEO Avni Yerli.

“It was a tough decision to leave Crytek after all these years, but sometimes you need to change to continue to evolve. For us, it is very important to focus on developing Warface in a way that lives up to player expectations,” said Michael Khaimzon, Blackwood Games Creative Director. “We have kept the development team intact and their expertise will allow us to move forward with our plans and ideas. And we’re very thankful to Crytek for all the great years together and for their commendable support on this matter”.

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