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The Climb 2

Frankfurt am Main ––––– Sep, 16th 2020

The Climb 2 announced for Oculus Quest

Scale skyscrapers and explore mountains in Crytek’s VR rock climbing sequel

The Climb 2

Released: March 4th, 2021
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Today, Crytek announced that The Climb 2, powered by CRYENGINE, will come to Oculus Quest platform this holiday season. Players will embark on a new rock climbing adventure developed exclusively for VR in the sequel to Crytek’s award-winning original game, The Climb, which was released in 2016. The Climb 2 will introduce a new city setting alongside mountainous environments and will invite gamers to find their path to the top of 15 maps.

Fatih Özbayram, Senior Producer, said: “We’re delighted to bring The Climb 2 to Oculus Quest. This sequel builds upon a lot of ideas we had during the production of the original game, and we’re especially excited about players scaling huge skyscrapers in a new urban environment.”

Players will experience breathtaking vistas and feel the adrenaline of climbing without ropes as they ascend epic peaks, navigate vast caves, climb buildings, and discover hidden shortcuts. The game’s maps are spread across mountainous settings inspired by real-world locations in Europe, The USA, and Southeast Asia plus a brand new city environment. The Climb 2 also includes The North, an expansion to the original game, which is set in the Arctic.

Gamers will be able to compete for the top spot on leaderboards, challenge friends by racing their ghosts in asynchronous multiplayer and participate in new events. Each of the game’s beautiful environments can be explored at the player’s own pace in Tourist mode using simplified mechanics. The Climb 2 also includes a practice wall for players to hone their skills and a range of achievements to unlock, which will reward players with in-game gloves and watches.

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