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Making Robinson: The Journey

Tech tips and tricks from the developers of a VR sci-fi adventure

Robinson — The Journey

Released: November 8th, 2016
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You might have heard that the development team of Robinson: The Journey are—to put it lightly—a detail-oriented bunch. “We obsess over the details. That is what makes it a living, believable world,” said Art Director Pascal Eggert in a dev diary video about world building in the VR sci-fi adventure game. And now they’re talking about the team’s attention to technical detail in a new series of dev diaries that delve into the tech tricks that went into creating Crytek’s latest VR sci-fi adventure.

The first video—which was released when we announced the game’s new price—talks about the all-important issue of frame rate—and how disastrous it can be to let it fall. The videos that follow explore topics such as locomotion, body tracking, rotation schemes, and lens distortion.

Today, in the series’ final installment, the team reflects on the Robinson development story from start to finish. We have all learned so much during the process, and we hope that—via our dev diaries and blog posts—you have been able to accompany us on that journey.

VR developers across genres and around the world are all working on the same problems as we explore this new medium. It is a great time to share knowledge and experience and to work together to advance gaming in this exciting new field.

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