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Stunning MMORPG Created with CryENGINE® 3 Prepares for Launch

A new blockbuster MMORPG completed using Crytek’s CryENGINE® 3 technology is scheduled to launch in South Korea this December.

ESTsoft’s Cabal 2 uses Crytek technology to bring a dazzling world of adventure to life

A new blockbuster MMORPG completed using Crytek’s CryENGINE® 3 technology is scheduled to launch in South Korea this December.

Cabal 2, developed and published by ESTsoft, is a vast free-to-play adventure set in a world of magic, warfare and breathtaking scenery – all of it brought to life by the talented team at ESTsoft and the power of Crytek’s state-of-the-art development tool. 

Initially set to launch in South Korea, the game is primed to build on the success of its predecessor, Cabal, which grew to attract millions of players around the world. Cabal 2 will lead the way as the first CryENGINE® 3-developed MMORPG to go on general release, although several more are in development across Asia. At the recent G-Star games expo in South Korea, a further four MMORPG’s created using CryENGINE® 3 were on show; highlighting the engine’s growing appeal to developers working in this competitive genre.

For more information about Cabal 2 follow this link to ESTsoft’s official YouTube channel.

About ESTsoft Corp.

ESTsoft Corp. is a global software development and publishing company founded in 1993.

The games business is one of the strongest business sectors at ESTsoft, operating alongside other areas such as Application Software and Business Storage Solution. ESTsoft Corp. developed and are currently servicing two game titles, Cabal Online and Heroes Go(Howling Sword), which have both enjoyed success on a global scale.

Adding to the list, ESTsoft Corp. recently started OBT of Cabal 2 in Korea. Cabal 2 inherited the goods from its previous title, Cabal Online, and then took the game to the next level using CryENGINE® 3 to provide reinforced graphics and gameplay with more dramatic elements.

ESTsoft Corp. has also established ESTsoft Japan and ESTsoft Inc. in America to be more responsive to the global market.

Contact Information:

Kevin Chang

About Crytek GmbH

 Crytek GmbH (“Crytek”) is an independent company at the forefront of the interactive entertainment industry, and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of gaming by creating standout experiences for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, mobile devices and games-as-service using their cutting-edge 3D-Game-Technology, CryENGINE®. 

The company’s headquarters are in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Crytek also has studios in Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Seoul (South Korea), Nottingham (UK) and Shanghai (China). 

Since its foundation in 1999, Crytek has consistently been recognized for excellence in its field, earning accolades such as the 2011 Develop Award for Best Independent Studio and a 2010 Red Dot Design Award. Its multi-award winning games include Far Cry®, Crysis®(awarded best PC Game of E3 2007 and Best Technology at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards), Crysis Warhead® (awarded Best Graphics Technology at IGN Best of 2008  Awards), Crysis® 2 (awarded Best Shooter of E3 2010 and Gamescom 2010) and Warface (awarded Best Social/Casual/Online Game of Gamescom 2012). For more information, please visit




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