Frankfurt am Main ––––– Aug, 5th 2021

New monthly challenge events launch for The Climb 2

Brand new trailer showcases how players can discover and collect seasonal objects and earn beautiful in-game wristbands every month

Frankfurt am Main (Germany), August 5th , 2021 – Crytek announced today that a new update will add monthly event challenges to The Climb 2, the virtual reality free solo rock-climbing game powered by CRYENGINE out now for the Oculus Quest Platform. The new events will begin in August, offering the chance to unlock exclusive wristbands that celebrate seasonal themes as well as the player’s achievements.   

The first monthly challenge will begin in August and run between the 10th to the 17th. Players will receive an in-game notification for when the event is live, and participation will only be available for a limited time. Players must collect event objects that are scattered across each level. Completing each event will unlock beautifully designed wristbands inspired by the seasons for players to use in the game.

Each monthly event has a unique theme. August’s event challenges players to hunt down stylized apples that will unlock a beautiful 3D farm-inspired wristband. In October, players must collect pumpkins to unlock a Halloween-themed wristband, while finding presents in December will reward gamers with a Christmas winter wonderland wristband.

“We’re excited to continue our ongoing support for The Climb 2 with a new series of events for the game,” said Fatih Özbayram, Senior Producer. “Completing each event will require players to explore and work out how to climb to each of the collectables, bringing a new dynamic to playing through each of the game’s levels. Our talented artists have really produced something special with the wristbands, and some of them look like miniature worlds, right there on your wrist in the game.”

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