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Hunt: Showdown

Frankfurt am Main ––––– Nov, 18th 2021

New Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops campaign now live!

Unique Legendary Hunter up for grabs, along with Legendary Tools and Weapons

Hunt: Showdown

Released: August 27th, 2019
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Frankfurt, Germany – Fans of Hunt: Showdown will be able to grab a host of gear as well as a new Legendary Hunter as part of the game’s latest Twitch Drops campaign, now live until 2pm (UTC) on 1st December.

To collect Drops rewards, players must connect their Twitch accounts to their game accounts and simply start watching their favourite Hunt: Showdown streamers throughout the week.

And for the first time, all Twitch streamers will be able to participate in the Drops campaign by opting-in through the Drops section of the Twitch creator Dashboard.

Certain rewards are available on certain days, with a minimum watch-time needed for each reward. There will also be an exclusive Legendary Tool available from 15 selected Hunt: Showdown Partners.

The available rewards are as follows:

  • Drop 1 – 24th November – Legendary Tool “Roe Stalker” Knife (for watching 90 minutes of any Hunt: Showdown stream)
  • Drop 2 – 25th November – Legendary Weapon “Seven Sights” Sparks LRR Sniper (for watching 90 minutes of any Hunt: Showdown stream)
  • Drop 3 – 26th November – Legendary Tool “Huff’s Kit” First Aid Kit (for watching 90 minutes of any Hunt: Showdown stream)
  • Drop 4 – 27th November – Legendary Tool “Storied Past” Quad Derringer (for watching 90 minutes of any Hunt: Showdown stream)
  • Drop 5 – 28th November to 1st December – Legendary Weapon “Alley Cat” Bornheim No. 3 (for watching 90 minutes of any Hunt: Showdown stream)
  • Drop 6 – 29th November to 1st December – Legendary Hunter “Lulu” (after unlocking Drop 5 and watching another 180 minutes)
  • Drop 7 – 24th November to 1st December – Legendary Tool “The Marquis” Knife (for watching 90 minutes of any of the 15 selected Hunt: Showdown Partners)

More details about the campaign are available from our blog on

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