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Frankfurt am Main ––––– Jul, 27th 2022

Hunt: Showdown's biggest live event ever, "Serpent Moon," launches today!

Experience a deadly supernatural snake infestation, new gameplay, a brand-new Legendary Hunter, and the most rewards ever for a Hunt event

Frankfurt (Germany), July 27th, 2022 –Hunt: Showdown's biggest ever live event begins today, featuring new gameplay, more story, a brand new evolving Legendary Hunter, "Viper,” and much more.

Running for 60 days until September 25, the "Serpent Moon" live event brings a supernatural infestation of snakes to the bayou. Deadly serpents appear in snake dens throughout the bayou, and players must capture snakes and sacrifice them on altars. However, these snakes will attack Hunters if they make too much noise on their approach so players must balance the reward of greater event points, and greater rewards, for looting and sacrificing snakes against a lower amount of event points for simply destroying them.

Hunters will be able to equip three new Event Traits to help them. “Beastface” reduces the reaction range of snakes allowing players to get closer. “Serpent” increases the distance at which snake sacrifices can be made, and “Poison Sense” will identify nearby poisoned players when using Dark Sight. Players will also be rewarded for investigating event clues and rifts, eliminating bosses and more.

Weapons and Blood Bonds are just some of the rewards up for grabs in the event, which continues the narrative from the previous "Traitor's Moon" live event. After events unfold in the bayou during the event, audiobooks will be released on popular streaming platforms and Hunt's social media channels so fans can listen to the story too.

All players who join the "Serpent Moon" event will be able to play with a new Legendary Hunter, "Viper." In a first for Hunt, this unique character will visually evolve through different stages as players progress. The number of stages Viper will evolve through depends on the player's chosen pathway. A new battle pass system – "The Gilded Path" – will enable gamers to choose from free, standard, and premium pathways.  

The free option offers two stages of Viper's progression, plus the opportunity to earn weapons and Blood Bonds during the event. The standard Gilded Path battle pass provides everything in the free tier, four stages of Viper's evolution to experience, more weapons and rewards to unlock, and Blood Bond cashback. The premium Gilded Path tier offers everything from the standard Gilded Path option plus 3000 Event points to speed up progress. Whichever pathway players choose, they are guaranteed two new weapons: the Romero 77 Alamo "Coluber" shotgun and the "Snakeshot" Sparks Pistol!

All players can earn up to 11 rewards during the 60 days of the "Serpent Moon." Boosters, Blood Bonds, and weapons are up for grabs, including the "Antosha" Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol and the "Lucidus" Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer. Players who choose to play with the standard and premium Gilded Path battle pass will be able to unlock a further 17 rewards, including the new "Snake Oil Ward" antidote shot and the Winfield M1873 Swift rifle "Slither."

Launching alongside the Serpent Moon Live Event is a ‘Serpent Moon’ bundle which includes – "They Came from Salem" and the brand new DLC "The Prescient" – which when players play as these Hunters they will benefit from an event point boost – plus new Legendary Weapons. Players can receive a further event boost with three new Event Traits can be stacked with the activation of new Mr. Chary's Contracts.

Join the biggest event in Hunt: Showdown history and get those rewards!

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can find out more about the latest live event and the game by visiting



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