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Frankfurt am Main ––––– Jun, 28th 2023

Hunt: Showdown introduces a brand-new boss, Live Event, and Wildcard Condition all in one update—jump in now for an epic experience!


Hunt: Showdown

Released: August 27th, 2019
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Frankfurt (Germany), June 28th, 2023 – Hunt: Showdown fans can earn a huge range of rewards and take on a deadly new Wild Target as the Tide of Shadows Live Event launches today! New challenges, new gameplay, and a new story are all available for Hunters for the duration of the event, which runs until August 23rd 2023. Hunters can also take advantage of special new powers by pledging their Hunters to one of three new Pacts, and as they fight their way through the bayou, they can unlock stories about each mysterious organization. 

The Tide of Shadows Live Event also introduces a new category of Target—the Wild Target. Rotjaw is a game-changing new monster that brings a deadly new threat to the bayou. Unlike other Boss Targets in the game, Rotjaw will not be found in a compound. Instead, she lurks in the waters of the bayou, lying in wait to attack anyone who encroaches on her territory.


Rotjaw is designed for a new gameplay experience, bringing the waters she calls home into play. The open nature of these territories brings pressure to dispatch Rotjaw as quickly and quietly as possible. She also forces Hunters to improvise while defending the open spaces. Hunters must make decisions on the fly about how to approach her and dispatch her, and if they succeed, they will be rewarded with a Bounty Token.


The Tide of Shadows Live Event also arrives with three Pacts for players to pledge their Hunters to—The Primal Pact, The Smugglers Pact, and The Grounded Pact. Players can enjoy in-depth lore about the origins and aims of each Pact, as well as the chance to get their hands on new Legendary Weapons and equipment associated with the different factions.

“We designed Rotjaw as a new objective for Hunters, adapting several mechanics and gameplay flows from our established Boss Targets,” said David Fifield, General Manager for Hunt: Showdown. “Her design gives players a whole new range of risk versus reward choices when launching into a Bounty Hunt. Should you go after her right away or ignore her until you’ve banished the other Target and gained Dark Sight? What trait, weapons and gear will set you up best to track and defeat her? Once she is banished how best can you secure the Bounty Token and extract from the map with it? We are incredibly excited to unleash Rotjaw and eager for her to leave her mark on the Hunt world." 

To unlock rewards during this Live Event, players must earn Event Points, awarded for completing a range of in-game challenges and by interacting with or destroying new Ship Altars that are scattered around the bayou. To help rack up the Event Points, Hunters can take advantage of new single-use Burn Traits, which are only available for the duration of the event, offering players new ways to play. Players can also activate a new Battle Pass with both free and premium pathways, offering different tiers of content to unlock. 


Tide of Shadows and Rotjaw are available from today on PC, and on cosoles in the next few days.


Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can find out more about the game by visiting


About Hunt: Showdown


Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person bounty hunting game that packs the thrill of survival games into a match-based format. Set in Louisiana in 1895, the game boasts a mixture of PvP and PvE elements that creates a uniquely tense experience. It's not just the monsters who are a threat—it's every Hunter on the map. In the classic game mode, a match of Hunt pits 12 players—playing solo or in teams of two or teams of three —against each other as they race to take out gruesome beasts for a Bounty they must collect and extract off of the map, while Hunt's Soul Survivor mode offers a shorter match for solo players to scavenge for weapons as they compete for a diminishing pool of Bounty. The higher the risk, the higher the reward–but a single mistake could cost you everything. Hunt is available now on Steam. For more information, visit

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