Hunt: Showdown

Frankfurt am Main ––––– Sep, 8th 2017

Hunt: Showdown developers discuss level design in latest dev diary

The lay of the land, when you are on it, living within it, feels inevitable. But many hands have molded that ineluctable chaos of buildings and trees, equipment and mud, fences and waterways.

Hunt: Showdown

Released: February 22nd, 2018
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Today many will speak on the subject of their design: Creative Director Magnus Larbrant, Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz, Producer Fatih Özbayram, Level Design Director Chris Auty, Lead Environment Artist Marcel Schaika, and Senior Level Designer Turgut Özbayram.

Why that door? Why that window? Why that ladder? Why that lock? They will tell you, if you have time to listen:



 “It’s really about tactical gameplay.” –Fatih Özbayram

“We allow you to explore freely… It’s a very sandbox environment. It’s very dynamic.”  –Dennis Schwarz

“It won’t be played the same way twice.” –Chris Auty

“What made this company is open world, sandbox, you’re walking around in a cool environment and you’re approaching compounds—you’re doing this in Crysis, right? And if you take a look at Hunt, you’re in an open world, a sandbox world, you’re moving around compounds, you’re trying to infiltrate them. You have some special powers and stuff like this. A lot of gun play, a first persons hooter. This is why we’re doing this game: we’re playing to the strength of what we know.” –Magnus Larbrant

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