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Heathen – The Sons of the Law, powered by CRYENGINE, has launched on Steam Early Access

Players are invited to enter a twisted world of beasts in a first-person shooter inspired by the works of H.G. Wells.

Heathen – The Sons of the Law has now launched on Steam Early Access. Developed by Frog Factory and created with CRYENGINE, Heathen – The Sons of the Law is a single-player action and adventure first-person shooter inspired by the novel The Islands of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells.

Frog Factory is a team of just two people, Manuel Lacoste and Pierre Savel, and Heathen – The Sons of the Law is a remarkable example of what indie developers can achieve with the power of CRYENGINE. Players are transported to an island where a mad scientist has experimented with nature itself to create half-human, half-animal beasts to work as slaves in the early 20th century. Players are challenged to change their form and play-style, from stealth to all-action assault, as they explore a beautiful yet terrifying island on a quest to unravel the dark mystery that lies within it.

The Early Access launch includes full implementation of player abilities, including stealth and beast mode attacks, 20 variations of enemies with different behaviors and attacks, boss battles, 7 weapons for players to use, and more. Featuring stunning visuals and a gripping narrative, the game is set to develop during the Early Access period, shaped by player feedback.

Manuel Lacoste from Frog Factory said: “We tried out a range of engines when we decided to embark on this project. The first thing that attracted us to CRYENGINE was the exceptional graphical quality of the engine. The engine interface is very intuitive and easy to use and we found the Flow Graph system really helpful for fast prototyping. The free GameSDK samples were good to get started with. And of course CRYENGINE is well suited to creating a first-person shooter. The CRYENGINE community was also a huge help as we developed our first project, so we’d like to thank them.”

Players can play Heathen – The Sons of the Law in Early Access on Steam today, and developers can find out how the power of CRYENGINE can help them achieve their vision by visiting

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