Frankfurt am Main ––––– Jan, 22nd 2003

GDC Announcement!

Guess what everyone? Crytek will be at GDC 2003! That\'s right! March 4-8, we\'ll be in San Jose showcasing the CryEngine and our cool technology!
Crytek, a developer of 3D computer and video games and high end 3D-Game Technologies, will be going to the Game Developers Conference in March! The huge spotlight on Crytek will be enormous, as many fans, colleagues and competitors in the industry have been eagerly anticipating more info on Crytek's development.
"I have been working with the development staff at Crytek for over 2 years and highly rate them. Their technology and strategic planning is second to none. Crytek's attention to detail coupled with their technical skills have created some of the most visually impressive in game graphics I've seen to date. Crytek have spent considerable resources and time developing CryENGINE now that they have such a powerful and versatile engine at the core of the company their games are coming along at an amazing rate with no compromise on quality. Their choice to share their core engine with other game developers can only mean more AAA games in the market. Crytek are a team of highly motivated enthusiastic developers and ATI are very happy to be working together closely to drive current and future technology in clever ways take gaming to the next level." - Kevin Strange, ATI Developer Relations Account Manager
Currently working with Ubisoft on their upcoming Triple AAA title Far Cry, Crytek will be in Booth 531 from March 4-8 and welcome ALL to stop by so we can showcase our CryENGINE™ and Polybump™ technology!
"We're very excited about this news! We've got awesome demonstrations planned which will showcase the very latest CryENGINE technology, including Tools (CryEDIT, Exporters), Visuals (Polybump, Lighting & Shadows), Audio (Dynamic Music with full Doly Digital 5.1 support), A.I. (Easy to Script) and Physics (Rope, Rag Doll, Liquid) plus the uniquely rendering power of the CryENGINE."
In fact, if you'd like a private showing or demonstration, let us know at!
We'll be more than happy to accomodate everyone's requests!"
- Faruk Yerli - Chief Marketing Officer @ Crytek

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