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Free new challenging levels for The Climb 2 are out now

The free update from Crytek adds a new game type and six brand new levels to The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest Platform

Frankfurt am Main (Germany), April 22, 2020 – A free update offering players substantial new content launches today for The Climb 2, developed by Crytek and powered by CRYENGINE. The Freestyle Update expands the VR free solo rocking climbing game with a new expansion pack which includes six new levels, and a new achievement that unlocks an in-game glove.

The update includes a range of new challenges for players to conquer, from beating routes while climbing to the rhythm of the music to balancing risk and reward as gamers climb and leap across a series of moving walls where timing is everythingEach of the six new levels focuses on a different type of challenge, and all can be played on both Casual and Professional difficulty settings.

Players can express themselves as they experiment with their climbing style or compete to conquer the leaderboards. Gamers will also be awarded bonus points for beating each course without using chalk on their in-game hands, rewarding those who want to push their limits on the new levels.

This free update also includes some general bug fixes which will make for a smoother climbing experience. Community feedback will be monitored closely with any future issues being addressed as soon as possible.

“We’re delighted to launch this new expansion for The Climb 2, which provides a range of free and game-changing new challenges for players,” said Andreas Liebeskind, Principal Game Designer.  “We are especially excited about the new “Keep the Rhythm” level, where climbing in time to the beat of the music brings a whole new dimension to gameplay. The reception to The Climb 2 has been great, and this substantial free update is the first expansion as part of our post-launch content support for the game and its community.”

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