Hunt: Showdown

Frankfurt am Main ––––– Jun, 26th 2020

Crytek Releases New Hunt: Showdown Update

Hunt: Showdown adds new game mode, dual wielding, and more to the online multi-player bounty hunting game with Update 1.4.1 for PC

Hunt: Showdown

Released: February 18th, 2020
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Hunt: Showdown might have left Early Access, but the Frankfurt-based development team has kept the updates coming. Today the Hunt team have released Update 1.4.1 for PC, bringing some of the community’s most highly requested features to the game.

New Game Mode

As of Update 1.4.1, Hunt players will see the addition of the game’s first PvE mode – known as Trials. Players can test their skills in a variety of challenges – Timed (Parkour), Sniper, and Wave – and earn Trial Stars that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards, like the Legendary Specter Bayonet “Tartufai” or the Legendary Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine “The Cordwainer.”

Relive the exploits of Marshall Brewer, Jason Trevors, The Bone Doctor, Jonathan Redshirt, Zhong Kiu and more, as you face the same Trials that made them the Hunters they are today. What will they make of you?

The Trials mode also includes an exploration option for those players who want to get a closer look at the map. Explore Lawson Delta and Stillwater Bayou without any enemies or match-time pressure.

Double or Nothing

Double your firepower with Hunt’s new dual wielding feature, allowing players to create a set of (identical) handguns. And after you double your firepower, up your reload speed while doing it with a new trait, Ambidextrous.

Legendary Firepower

Five new Legendary weapons are debuting alongside Update 1.4.1. The first two, mentioned above, are exclusive unlocks for Trials players. Three additional Legendary weapons will be available via Blood Bonds (Hunt’s in-game currency) and include a Mosin-Nagant Avtomat known as “Wolf’s Mouth,” a Lebel 1886 known as “Spring Chicken,” and a Caldwell Conversation Uppercut known as “Lord’ Prayer.”


Update 1.4.1 is available now on PC – get a copy now on Steam - and will be added to the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 shortly thereafter. For more information, visit the Hunt: Showdown website.

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