Frankfurt am Main ––––– May, 2nd 2002

Crytek announces its Game Engine CryENGINE

Crytek, a developer of 3D computer and video games and high end 3D-Game Technologies, today announced that their proprietary CryENGINE, a \'Top Notch\' 3D-Game-Engine is ready to be licensed worldwide.
The engine can boost graphics quality and speed for almost all top-seller genres such as Action, RPG and Strategy. Back in 2000 CryENGINE was the first engine to deliver seamless indoor and outdoor scenarios, this is offered now paired with newest Graphics-Features to all professional game-developers in the world. CryENGINE is an innovative and revolutionary engine. It defines new Standards and Qualities and can be favourably compared with any of the worlds top-engines. The outstanding quality, stability and productivity of our Game-Technology has been confirmed by several Industry-Specialists, Analysts and Partners. CryENGINE consists of 3D-Rendering, Prototype Game-Code with embedded Scripting System, Networking, Advanced Physics and an Advanced Audio System. Check out our web site. Crytek's working title X-ISLE will be shown at E3 at our Publisher's Ubi Soft Booth. If you interested in more informations please contact Ubi Soft's Press Network. Their booth at E3 will be - 724 South Hall. If you have any questions to hesitate to mail to:

Faruk Yerli
Vice President

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