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Frankfurt am Main ––––– Mar, 23rd 2020

Crytek Announces CRYENGINE Android Beta Program

Crytek is pleased to announce that developers everywhere are invited to experience the power of CRYENGINE on mobile first by registering for a beta program at The beta program will launch later this year. CRYENGINE is the cutting-edge 3D game development platform famed for its industry-leading renderer, real-time lighting, and optimized VR support, and Crytek has partnered with Google to bring the engine to the Android ecosystem.

The technology behind CRYENGINE is platform-agnostic by design. Starting with the Android pipeline, the mobile beta program is the first step in bringing the engine that powers some of the most ambitious and beautiful games on console and PC to more mobile platforms, following the Oculus Quest launch of Crytek’s award-winning free solo rock climbing game, The Climb.

Theodor Mader, Technical Director for CRYENGINE, said: “The CRYENGINE team is dedicated to helping game makers achieve their vision by putting the most powerful tools in the industry at their fingertips. We’re proud that teams of all sizes, all around the world, choose our game development platform, and by participating in the beta program, developers will get to experience what CRYENGINE can achieve on mobile chipsets, as well as participate in the development of the new Android pipeline.”

CRYENGINE gives developers full control over their multi-platform creations in real-time. The engine’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) suite of tools enables real-time creation, editing, and an in-game preview of every aspect and feature of a game, empowering developers to focus on delivering great experiences thanks to a fast iterative process. In addition to the beta program’s role in bringing the engine to new platforms, CRYENGINE’s learning offering continues to evolve and expand, making it even easier for people new to game development, or experienced game makers transitioning from different engines, to learn how to use CRYENGINE to create great games quickly.

Developers everywhere can harness the power of CRYENGINE today, and register their interest in the mobile beta program, by visiting

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