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CRYENGINE-powered 150-player American Civil War FPS Now Available on Steam Early Access

Prepare for combat on historically accurate battlefields in War of Rights

War of Rights from Campfire Games has now launched on Steam Early Access. Powered by CRYENGINE, War of Rights is set during the American Civil War and supports 150 player combat on authentically recreated battlefields from the Maryland Campaign of September 1862. Featuring historically accurate uniforms, weapons, animations, objectives, and drill camps, War of Rights immerses players in the heart of the costliest and deadliest war ever fought on American soil. 

The initial Steam Early Access release will include more than 30 different skirmish areas and over 75 accurate regiments. Each map in the game is a period reconstruction of the buildings, farms, forests, roads, and rocks as they were in 1862, so players can fight through the streets of Harper's Ferry or across the cornfields of Antietam, and more. Gamers can choose to play from a range of different perspectives, from a lowly private on the frontlines up to a major general orchestrating the strategy, and carnage, in massive battles where teamwork is essential.

Mads Støjko Larsen, Co-Founder of developer Campfire Games, said: “We originally started the project with no game development experience, just to see how far we’d get. CRYENGINE was the obvious choice for us when having to select an engine. For the first years we had no programmers on our team, so we were naturally drawn to the engine that had vastly superior visual capabilities. Our levels are all as close to a 1:1 scale of the real thing as possible, so having CRYENGINE’s amazing vegetation system has been a huge help to us.”   

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