Senior Rendering Engineer - Raytracing Specialist

Crytek is looking for a motivated and passionate Senior Rendering Engineer with focus on real-time raytracing for the CRYENGINE team.

Relocation & Remote Work
Although we believe living close to our studio helps foster team spirit and stronger bonds between team members, we understand that people have different needs and expectations for their place of residence. You have a choice of three location options, allowing you to work with Crytek from anywhere you wish:

1. Come to our modern headquarters in Frankfurt and receive an attractive relocation package and have access to all of our benefits.

2. If you are already living in a European Union member state, we are able to offer you a permanent work contract and allow you to work remotely as an employee from there. 

3. If you are interested in full-time remote work in any other country outside of the European Union, we can offer you a freelance contract arrangement.
  • Develop and maintain CRYENGINE’s cutting edge raytracing pipeline.
  • Focus on the unique aspects of raytracing in the real-time context and develop effective hybrid solutions between raytracing and rasterization.
  • Conduct CPU and GPU performance and memory profiling and develop optimizations.
  • Research and implement next-generation rendering features.
  • Investigate, propose and implement generic data-flows and structuring suitable for minimum redundancy in the hybrid pipeline.
  • Maintain and extend the utility and usability of the raytracing pipeline layer.
  • Deal with the different abstractions of API-supported raytracing on a variety of current and future platforms.
  • 5+ years of professional experience as a Rendering Engineer.
  • Master's degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Excellent C++ programming skills.
  • Thorough experience with aspects of raytracing (acceleration structures, computational complexity, approximations, sampling and filtering theory).
  • Secure utilization of math in the areas of mathematical analysis, linear algebra and computational geometry.
  • Familiarity with bi-directional distribution functions and their grounding in physical reality.
  • Efficient use of multi-threaded programming patterns.
  • In-depth understanding of the graphics pipeline and rendering APIs.
  • Profound experience with DirectX 12 or Vulkan.
  • Solid shader programming skills (GLSL/HLSL).
  • Strong GPU and CPU debugging and optimization skills (RenderDoc/PiX/Nsight).
  • Team player and self-motivated.
  • Desire to learn, share and contribute.
  • Solid English skills, good communication skills with strong affinity for transparency.
  • Experience with consoles.
  • Deep understanding of the architecture and hardware pipelines of recent GPUs.
  • Effective utilization of SIMD instruction-sets, and other vector-parallel designs.
What you can expect from us
  • A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team.
  • Working with cutting edge technology
  • Flexible work time.
  • FUN.
  • Free public transportation ticket, which lets you use public transport free of charge 24/7.
  • Free German lessons
  • Company language is English. Any additional language is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Extensive assistance with getting visa, work permits and communication with local authorities.
  • Relocation support.
  • A company apartment for your first few months and help in finding a private apartment. 
  • ...and much more! 

Apply for this Position

Please apply directly online and, if applicable, upload your materials as specified on the job posting. Fields marked with a * are required.

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