Crytek Launches CRYENGINE Academy at Bahçeşehir University

Frankfurt am Main (Germany) / Istanbul (Turkey) – July 09, 2015

Crytek Launches CRYENGINE Academy at Bahçeşehir University

Crytek’s new training program will equip developers in Turkey to learn from the latest innovations in global gaming

As part of a collaboration to boost game development in Turkey, Crytek and Bahçeşehir University today announced the launch of the new "CRYENGINE Academy" training program. The program, which will operate out of Bahçeşehir University's Istanbul campuses, is designed to nurture creative talent in the country by becoming a center for global gaming knowledge.

Launching in conjunction with CRYENGINE Academy, a new “Game Development with CRYENGINE” course will be open to all Bahçeşehir University students with C++ knowledge who are interested in learning more about game development. During the course, students will get the opportunity to see the methods used by professional developers and work on their own projects with CRYENGINE technology. Lectures will be given by games industry experts, and will cover subjects including the use of Flow Graph, artificial intelligence concepts, the use of positional audio, 3D objects, animation tools, and more.

CRYENGINE Academy will also offer students relevant training in Virtual Reality (VR) development, which is expected to become the emerging technology of the next 10 years. Signaling a first for a Turkish educational program, Academy attendees will  receive vital instruction in VR development and have access to powerful hardware and software as they work. Creative Director for CRYENGINE, Frank Vitz said: “CRYENGINE Academy will play a vital role in helping Turkey to become a center for gaming know-how, and will ensure students are equipped with what we believe is the most innovative game development solution available in CRYENGINE."

To mark the launch of CRYENGINE Academy, Frank Vitz will be speaking at a VR-focused event held on the Galata Campus of Bahçeşehir University this Saturday, the 11th of July, at 12:00pm.