What’s in a name?

May 29, 2012 by Crytek

What’s in a name?

It’s been two months since we took our first steps into the mobile market with the launch of Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll. Since then, we’ve naturally been pleased to see that the game is proving popular with players around the globe and garnering positive reviews. Being named gaming app of the day by both Eurogamer and Kotaku are just a couple of examples of how Fibble’s reception has matched our own high hopes for Crytek’s latest title. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to download the game and spread the word so far!

The easy-to-grasp plot of Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll goes something like this: You are Fibble, an extraterrestrial explorer who has crash-landed on Earth and must negotiate the puzzling environments of a suburban home in your bid to blast back into space. Along the way you’ll track down your crew-mates and tap into their unique abilities in order to move faster, jump higher and ultimately bring the mission to a successful conclusion.


But perhaps the real story of Fibble lies not in the events that play out in the game itself, but in the sense of surprise it has generated since first being unveiled. With a reputation for first-person shooters that push technological boundaries, many seemed to be taken aback not only that Crytek was making the move into the mobile market—but also that the move would be spearheaded by cute characters in a colorful cartoon world.

Kristoffer Waardahl, Studio Manager at Crytek Budapest, headed up the team that created Fibble and says he can appreciate that the game is not necessarily what people would expect from the company: “All our games up to this point would naturally be thought of as more ‘hardcore’, and there’s been a huge emphasis placed on the technical and visual side of our output too—something which has sort of marked Crytek out as being ultra hardcore. We happily acknowledge that, and even played with that idea in Crysis 2 with the ‘Can it run Crysis?’ trophy/achievement.”

Fibble Screenshot

“That being said, there’s never been anything like a strict policy determining that we should rigidly stick to creating games in one genre. I think Fibble shows that Crytek will always be pushing the technical boundaries of whatever platform we’re developing for, but it also shows that ideas and creativity are more important to us than falling in line with a certain image. Crytek has always been about surprising people, essentially. The original Far Cry turned heads by shaking off lots of the accepted conventions of its genre, the Crysis series continually takes people aback because of the way it looks and the freedom it offers in an FPS, and now Fibble is simply keeping the tradition alive by being the opposite of what people would expect.”

We hope that if you haven’t already tried Fibble you’ll experience the element of surprise first-hand and discover how our newest game carries on the creative traditions synonymous with Crytek!

Fibble can be downloaded for iOS devices now, in both free and paid-for forms, via the App Store. An Android version of the game will be available soon.