Warface fans enjoying exciting new content during "Sneak Peek" phase

October 04, 2013 by Crytek

Warface fans enjoying exciting new content during Sneak Peek phase

October is here and so is Warface; Crytek’s upcoming free-to-play shooter is currently in the middle of a Sneak Peek phase for registered players. The game has been updated with lots of new content, such as the all-new Destruction mode in Versus, unique female character skins, and a new setting in China.

New Versus mode "Destruction" can be unlocked as players progress, and puts two teams against each other as they try to obtain coordinates from the enemy base and destroy their strategic positions. The attacking team must control the center of the location to send headquarters the coordinates of enemy strongholds, after which an aircraft will deliver a strike. All three towers must be destroyed for an instant win, and it’s up to the entire team to obtain victory.


Destruction gameplay offers new territory for players to get to grips with

Also introduced is the spectacular Chinese setting, which puts soldiers in the Far East to battle it out in narrow city streets and atop towering buildings. Players can currently explore this new setting in intense versus match-ups.

Additionally, female soldier skins will now become available for in-game currency right after the game's revamped training missions are completed. Players can suit up as Soldiers, heal their teammates as Medics, support and create deadly explosions as Engineers, or deal long-ranged damage as Snipers.


Warface has added female soldiers into the mix during the Sneak Peek phase

Sneak Peek players have also been able to benefit from the new Co-op Reward System, which recognizes their achievements in Co-op missions and grants them Crowns in return; an in-game currency that offers access to exclusive content.

Finally, the game now includes a contract system, where players can agree to try and accomplish challenges of varying difficulties over a 24-hour period. Among other things, success results in the acquisition of unique in-game insignias that warn the enemy of your achievements!

For a chance to join the action players can still register at www.warface.com.