Top 5 Tips for Gamescom Survival

August 16, 2016 by Crytek

Top 5 Tips for Gamescom Survival

Gamescom 2016 is here! Ignore our top five survival tips at your peril.

The countdown to Gamescom 2016 is almost over. Tomorrow marks the opening day of the Cologne-based expo, and if you’re one of the lucky people who’ll be attending between now and Sunday, you have every right to adjust your excitement meter to “very high.”

First, however, we recommend that you have a quick read through our top five tips for Gamescom survival – a short compilation of front-line insights that will keep you ahead of the game while mere mortals fall by the wayside.    


When its organizers say Gamescom is the biggest video games expo in the world, they mean it in more ways than one. Not only did the show attract close to 350,000 visitors last year, it also takes up a whopping 193,000 square meters of floor space. That’s a lot of ground to cover. So if you want to find exactly what you came for without circling a foyer for three hours, do yourself a favor and follow a floorplan instead of the guy dressed up as a wood elf. Oh, and wear sensible shoes.

Download your hall plan here: Gamescom 2016 Hall Plan


Alright, we’re starting to sound like your mother – but you’ll thank us later. With so much to see and do at Gamescom, irritating asides such as eating and drinking can sometimes slip your mind as you scramble over other humans to get the first look at the next big thing. But be warned – you can often identify rookie and veteran attendees based entirely on their end-of-day demeanor. While experienced campaigners skip off to continue the festivities into the evening, packs of worryingly pale people who thought “hydration” was a new MOBA offer to sell their souls for a slice of microwave pizza and a shot of puddle water. Don’t be among them.


Standing in line is frustrating at the best of times, but when there are 10,000 things you’d rather be doing and most of them are in your line of vision, it’s especially painful. There’s no definitive way to escape long waits for some of Gamescom’s most popular attractions, but you can improve things a little by starting your day early or staying late. The show floor is open until 8pm on three of this year’s public days, and with the masses usually thinning out earlier in the evening, hanging in there until the final bell is a good way to avoid peak waiting times. Of course, if you’ve ignored tip two, you may not last that long.  


Did we mention Gamescom is pretty big? There’s so much to see and do that going in without something vaguely resembling a plan could leave you feeling a little overwhelmed – or disappointed. This is especially true if you want to check out some of the unique events going on this week. The Events section of the Gamescom website lists the details for a whole host of happenings that you might want to schedule in – from a game of laser tag to exhibitions, competitions, and special live shows. It can be frustrating to discover you’ve missed out on something epic that was happening just around the corner, so plan ahead!

See the full list of special Gamescom events: Event Calendar


While the above tips will keep you right in the exhibition center, there are also plenty of good reasons to get out of it and make the short trip to the heart of Gamescom’s beautiful host city. From Friday to Sunday, Cologne stages the Gamescom City Festival, which means live music, a food festival, and even more games are waiting for you in the historic old town. And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, the city’s famous cathedral and traditional beer halls are well worth a visit too. Just be warned, if you don’t want someone to automatically refill your glass of Kölsch beer, you need to place your beer coaster over the top of it to indicate you can take no more!

More info: Gamescom City Festival

Crytek will based at booth C40, Hall 6 during Gamescom 2016, so drop by and say hello! And if you can’t be there in person, keep an eye on and our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates from the show floor.

Photo: Koelnmesse