Pre-register for The Collectables now!

January 31, 2014 by Crytek

Pre-register for The Collectables now!

Crytek's mobile blockbuster, The Collectables, is just around the corner, but you can get in on the action right now by pre-registering for the game!

Available through DeNA's Mobage platform, The Collectables is coming to iPhone, iPad and Android, and puts you in control of a squad of maverick soldiers on a mission to blow up everything in sight and spread a little liberty in the process.

By pre-registering for the game over at, you'll receive an exclusive version of in-game character, Reload, equipped with a unique outfit and weapon when The Collectables is released. The site invites you to enter an optional referral code when you register, and the items you receive will depend on the code you choose.


We've teamed up with five top gaming sites to ensure you can receive pre-order rewards to match your impeccable taste, so head over to Destructoid, DroidGamer, IGN, Kotaku or TUAW to check out the goods and grab the related referral codes. And if you want to see Reload sporting some slick Crytek gear, just leave the referral code field blank.

Once your pre-reg is in the bag, take a minute to feast your eyes on the trailer for The Collectables below. We hope you like what you see!