Key GameWorks features come to latest version of Warface

October 29, 2014 by Crytek

Key GameWorks features come to latest version of Warface

A number of key GameWorks features have arrived in the latest version of Crytek’s Warface free-to-play online shooter.

Thanks to NVIDIA GameWorks, Warface now uses sprite and mesh based effects with motion derived from either a turbulence simulated grid or static velocity field. 

“The addition of NVIDIA Turbulence and PhysX Particles will elevate the gameplay in Warface to a higher plane of realism and engagement.” said Crytek Executive Producer, Elijah Freeman. “NVIDIA GameWorks was easily integrated into Warface and the tools allowed us to quickly generate a more immersive environment.”

All particles have real-time collision – meaning their movement is affected by the game’s triangle mesh terrain, and the shapes of characters and vehicles.

The turbulence grid simulations take a player’s motion into account and can cause high pressure in front and low pressure behind characters as they move through the smoke effects. Players can choose from two in-game options to see the GameWorks effects in action, with "PhysX Normal" including particle mesh debris such as dirt, rocks and sparks, while "PhysX High" adds turbulence using sprite based smoke particles into the mix.  

The combination of both PhysX Particles and NVIDIA Turbulence can be seen in the following effects:

- The back blast of a self-propelled AA missile launcher creates a high-velocity smoke effect that collides with objects in the environment and curls up and away as it dissipates.


- A helicopter dust effect creates a visible downdraft that can collide with characters and other objects in the environment. This powerful force can affect weapon debris and other smoke effects in the vicinity.


- The grenade explosion effect adds mesh debris and a lingering ambient smoke effect that other explosions, helicopters and characters can interact with.


See the new visual features in action for yourself with the new trailer below.


Players can enable the effects in the game settings. We recommend enabling NVIDIA Gameworks in Warface on all NVIDIA graphics cards from GeForce GTX465 upwards. A GeForce 760 or better is recommended to enable PhysX High settings. We also recommend to have the latest graphics drivers installed. For more information on NVIDIA Gameworks in Warface visit:

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