Crytek June Wrap Up

July 04, 2016 by Crytek

Crytek June Wrap Up

June is all about E3. But E3 wasn’t the only noteworthy event this month – there’s always a lot going on at Crytek, so let’s take a look at some of the standout moments in June.


The Climb and Robinson: The Journey at E3

At E3, attendees could, for the first time, try Oculus Touch controllers with our debut VR rock climbing game, The Climb. If you want to find out what Oculus Touch brings to The Climb, you can read Producer Onurhan Karaağaçlı’s take on the experience over at the The Climb blog. We also launched a forum for The Climb this month, so if you’d like to discuss the game and VR in general, stop by and say hello.

Meanwhile, in the Sony press area, journalists were able to try out a new demo of our upcoming VR sci-fi adventure Robinson: The Journey. How did it go down? Well, UploadVR called it “the dinosaur VR experience you’ve been waiting for,” and Polygon said, “…the game is almost unbelievably stunning, with smooth graphics and gameplay that uses the platform in a pretty unique way.” Well, that’s what we’re aiming for. Watch this space…

Alongside the new demo, we also released a brand new Robinson trailer. Been wondering what the story is behind those gorgeous vistas and incredible dinosaurs? Well, you might find a few hints here:  

Want more? Of course you do. Treat yourself to new footage from the E3 gameplay demo as our very own Elijah Freeman and Fatih Özbayram join Twitch Live @ E3 to talk VR, creative inspiration, and the Robinson development process here:



Warface: New missions, new weapons

Cyborgs in a pyramid?! What won’t the evil Blackwood do next? In Warface’s latest Special Operation, Anubis, a futuristic threat awaits in an unlikely location. Blow up a submarine, neutralize a missile base, and destroy your nemesis’ lair in the latest meaty addition to our free-to-play online shooter. Get your eyeballs on all the action right here:

If you need to stock up on weapons before you tackle Anubis, head over to Warface’s brand new Auction House , our new marketplace where you can buy and sell in-game items to beef up your armory. Get involved and pick up a bargain. And as Europe’s finest soccer players headed into battle on French pitches, Warface marked the occasion by offering players soccer-themed weapon skins, random boxes, flags, and grenades.  


Just last week we released an update for CRYENGINE – 5.1.1 – that brings a lot of fixes and improvements to the way users navigate the editor. On our June Twitch Community Stream, you can hear some of the details from the CRYENGINE team themselves, as well as a few hints about what they have planned for the engine’s future.

And, oh hey, CRYENGINE is hiring! Are you the person for the job? Find out what we’re looking for right here.