Casual Fridays on Twitch: Crytekkers Talk Work and Play Their Favorite Games

May 13, 2016 by Crytek

Casual Fridays on Twitch: Crytekkers Talk Work and Play Their Favorite Games

Episode 3 of Casual Fridays – a Twitch series all about games, game development, and the games industry – is airing on Friday this week. Hosted by Richard Miller, Crytek veteran, Asset Production Manager, and keeper of the keys, the series features a different Crytek employee from across the game industry disciplines each week who will answer questions and give insight into their craft. If you missed the first two episodes, we’ve got the recaps below. Tune in this week on Friday at 5 pm CET to hear from a Marketing Editor about working in the industry.

Episode 1: Director of Production David Bowman

“If you come from a design background, going into production is a natural change.” -David Bowman

What does the Director of Production do to relax? Play Supreme Commander 2. For 688 hours. So of course Supreme Commander 2 was the game that David brought along to play on Casual Fridays. When Richard and David weren’t playing Supreme Commander 2, they were talking about writing games on punch cards, Asheron’s Call, getting a job in the industry, and the origins of Halo.

When David was at university, he made games in his free time. Even though the administration didn’t approve of using the university computers to do so. “You would have to hide the fact that you were making a game because they strongly disapproved, they thought computers should be serious tools of science and that games were a waste of those resources… But I think entertaining people and bringing them together and bringing joy is a lofty goal; it is something we should be trying to do.” (Hear more at 5:15.)

After beginning his career as a teacher, David decided to try his luck in the games industry at the prompting of his wife. He was hired at Bungee and the rest is history. When asked for advice about developing games, he had this bit of wisdom: “You want to make people feel clever. When you design a game you’re not trying to show how clever you are as a designer, you want to show the player that they can do clever things.” But also, decide on an engine, start modding, and learn C#. You’ve got to start somewhere.

Don’t miss: At 12:41 David tells a story about the origins of legendary shooter Halo that you won’t want to miss. “We knew we had something different when we spent about two hours just chasing each other around on that map going bam bam bam at each other, pretending we had guns and yelling ‘I got you!’ just like kids... That was the evening that the direction of the game changed.” There’s plenty more for hardcore Halo fans in there too.

And at 37:16 you can find out what differentiates a successful candidate from the rest for a junior position at Crytek.

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Episode 2: Community Manager Bastian Thun

“If you are a passionate enough, you can get into gaming.” –Bastian Thun

Considering where he is now – a Community Manager who has been working in the games industry for five years – it is hard to believe that Bastian Thun, or Cry Volty as you might know him if you’re part of on or our communities, started his career as an insurance salesman. His secret for breaking into the industry? “You have to be very passionate,” he told us on episode 2 of Casual Fridays. “A lot of people think that careers in the industry are unattainable,” Richard confirmed, “but I’ve met a lot of people who got a late start in the industry just by trying. Give it a shot.”

So what does a Community Manager do all day – besides playing Enter the Gungeon on the Casual Fridays stream? “I build a bridge to development so the developers get feedback from the community. Most people think that you’re just in the forums talking to them and banning people and that is all of your job. … But a big part of your job is managing social media channels. That doesn’t only mean you monitor and read the channels, you need to create the content and create the strategy for that.”

Don’t miss: At 46:31 Bastian talks tips for becoming a Community Manager in the games industry. “What I advise anyone who wants to get into this job is to be involved in online communities. Be a moderator, have your own fan site… Try to be there. Be a part of that.”

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Episode 3: Coming this Friday to the Crytek Twitch Channel

This Friday on episode 3 of Casual Fridays: Stone tablets, writing, editing, and a game so old you weren’t even born yet when we played it for the first time. Featured job: Marketing Editor. Tune in on the Crytek Twitch channel.