Casual Fridays: A New Crytek Twitch Stream

April 28, 2016 by Crytek

Casual Fridays: A New Crytek Twitch Stream

This week, we’re launching Casual Fridays – our new Twitch series all about games, game development, and the games industry. Hosted by Richard Miller, Crytek veteran, Asset Production Manager, and silver-tongued seeker of truth, the series will feature a different Crytek employee from across the game dev disciplines each week who will answer questions and give insight into their craft.

 What was the quintessential game that got them into the industry? And now that they’re working in the industry, what is it like to be there? What does a production manager, programmer, developer, or community manager actually do all day? The two will chat about these questions and more while playing one of their favorite games. And we’ll be taking questions from our community.

Sound good? Here’s how you can get involved.

Every Thursday, check in on and to find out who Richard will be interviewing next and to submit your questions.

Every Friday, tune in to find out what it’s like working in the industry, hear your questions answered, and discover some of the games industry professionals love and why.

This Friday, Richard will be interviewing David Bowman, Crytek’s Director of Production. David joined Crytek in early 2014, bringing a wealth of experience to his role as Director of Production. He coordinates between all of Crytek’s international studios, overseeing production for games including Warface, The Climb, Robinson: The Journey, and other projects in development. Prior to joining Crytek, David enjoyed successful spells in varied roles at Bungie, Turbine, Artifact Entertainment, Certain Affinity, and Burst Online.

Do you have a question you’d like to ask him? Let us know on or , and we will feature as many of your questions as we can on the stream.