All the Latest From Crytek

November 16, 2016 by Crytek

All the Latest From Crytek

The last few months at Crytek have been a whirlwind of activity as we prepared for the launch of our PS®VR adventure Robinson: The Journey, which is available to buy now from the PlayStation®Store, and in the non-digital wilds, at a retailer near you. But Robinson isn’t the only thing we’ve had going on, and today we‘ve got the latest on The Climb, Warface, and a whole lot of other fun stuff we’ve been up to recently at Crytek.


Robinson: The Adventure Begins

Last week Robinson: The Journey, our intense new adventure for PlayStation VR launched in territories around the world. We celebrated launch day with a streaming event on Twitch. If you missed it live, you can re-watch below as Community Manager Bastian Thun and PR Manager Angela de Castro explore Tyson III, play with a baby T-Rex, and face off against deadly raptors. With guest appearances from Executive Producer Elijah Freeman and Producer Fatih Özbayram in the first half of the show and Game Designer Niklas Walenski and Senior Level Designer Matthias Otto in the second half, you’ll hear answers straight from the dev team about how the game was made, the differences between the PS4 and PS4 Pro, and what tips and tricks will make your Robinson experience even more fun. They even drop a few hints about Easter eggs…

Reviewers are calling Robinson one of the most beautiful experiences available for PS VR. “To date, no other PlayStation VR experience comes close to matching the pure fidelity and graphical awe of Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey,” said WCCFTech in their review of the game. “In an early phase of the hardware where so many games are muddled with jagged edges and lower image quality, this young boy’s journey stands apart.” So grab a copy asap and let us know what you think.


Warface: Birthdays, esports, and Blitz

Happy birthday, dear Warface, happy birthday to you! In October, Warface celebrated its third year of online operations in North America, Europe, and Turkey. Over the last three years, Warface has evolved and expanded dramatically with more people hitting the battlefield than ever before. You can keep up with everything happening in Warface with The Week in Warface blog series, published every Friday, and if you’d like to get behind-the-scenes info, check out our new Developer Spotlight series for advice and insight direct from the dev team.

For instance, check out this advice for aspiring developers from Warface Level Designer Denis Beregech: “My tip is to never be afraid of a challenge. In the beginning, any task may seem complex and even beyond reach. But after you start planning how to tackle it and you split an idea into smaller subtasks, the project at hand won't seem so complex and difficult any more. And I like a challenge—after all, that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!” Read more about Denis and the dev process right here.


In case you missed it, this summer Warface also teamed up with leading esports event provider ESL to launch the official Warface esports tournament series with weekly tournaments and cash prizes. In December, based on community feedback, those tournaments will intensify with the addition of a new  league format with a bigger prize pool for the crème de la crème.  

And because Warface is always evolving, we’ve also got a new PvP game mode and map on the way. Are you ready to take on Blitz?


The Climb: Touch Controllers and DLC Are Coming

In December The Climb will be getting a sweet game expansion, alongside the release of support for Touch Controllers. The update is free for all players (you have picked up your copy already, right?) so everyone will soon have the chance to explore the three challenging original levels plus a huge new setting with the controller of your choice. Read all about it on the Oculus blog.

While you wait for that update, we also released a patch just last week that brought a range of improvements for players, including the opportunity to play with advanced graphics settings. Check out the patch notes and see how far your rig can push the beauty.

Crytekkers Stream CRYENGINE Games for 24 Hours, Raise Money for Charity

In case you missed our annual Extra Life charity stream, you can watch various Crytekkers playing CRYENGINE games for 24 hours straight to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the video.

If you like what you see, we’re still accepting donations to this amazing charity right here.



In the last few months we’ve been discussing a lot of the nitty gritty of VR dev and traditional game dev on our blog. We talked about the challenge of multi-region releases, avoiding motion sickness in VR, evolution in the console cycle, and how VR games can trick your brain into believing in a virtual world. Oh, and we celebrated a very special birthday.

And that’s your latest Crytek wrap up – don’t forget to stay tuned to our Crytek Facebook and Twitter channels for all the latest updates as they happen.