Winter Warfare Peaks in "Zenith" – the Third Map in Warface's Siberian Setting

Frankfurt am Main (Germany) – January 14, 2015

Winter Warfare Peaks in Zenith – the Third Map in Warfaces Siberian Setting

Prepare for a spectacular summit showdown as the third map in the Warface Siberia setting arrives today!

The thrilling conclusion to the Operation Cold Peak campaign, "Zenith" features blockbuster action as players join forces once again and attempt to bring the curtain down on a key part of the enemy's Siberian schemes. Following on from "Spearhead" and "Ambush", the Zenith map will push Co-op teams to their limits as they brave an unforgiving environment and a deadly challenge.

With a network of trenches that collapse in the heat of battle, a monumental final boss, and a huge cannon that players can control to rip through Blackwood buildings, Zenith provides a pulse-pounding finale to the unforgettable events of Operation Cold Peak.

Get in the game for free at, and see more of the Siberian setting at the official Warface YouTube channel.


About Warface

Warface is a fast-paced shooter crammed with cooperative and competitive action, stacks of game modes and a wealth of weapons for players to get their hands on. Gamers can choose to play as Riflemen, Medics, Snipers or Engineers as they work together and attempt to uproot the Blackwood military faction in Co-op play, or choose their side and lock horns with fellow players in versus battles. Download the game from or via Steam today – completely for free.