New CRYENGINE-powered MMO "Wander" is out now

June 05, 2015 by Crytek

New CRYENGINE-powered MMO Wander is out now

Yesterday saw the release of "Wander", an inventive MMO that harnesses the power of CRYENGINE to offer up an enticing world for anyone who has an appetite for adventure.

Available for PC and PlayStation®4, Wander is the work of a small indie team based in Australia. The game seeks to deliver a unique experience by placing the emphasis firmly on exploration and collaboration, and was named Most Innovative Game and Best Indie MMO at PAX East 2015 by website MMO Gamer. 

The game's Creative Director, Loki Davison, looks forward to players taking their first steps in the world of Wander. "It's been an amazing journey so far for the team. This is really just the beginning of the next stage for us though. We've got big plans for regular updates and additional content. It's quite scary to see it being played and waiting to see what people think, but we're really excited as well. We (still!) enjoy the game and we are hoping other people do too."

Loki believes one of the game's greatest strengths is its diversity. "Where else can you be a tree, a sea creature, or a griffin? Or skydive between griffins and then explore a coral reef? I think it'll appeal to different groups. Maybe you love exploring with friends, or want a griffin flight sim. Hopefully people will become entranced with the narrative and world we've woven and want to spend time there."

Wander is available now via Steam or PlayStation Network. You can also find out more about the game in our in-depth feature interview from earlier this year.